Legging Army with Val

Legging Army is a custom legging shop, founded in March 2014. Our business started local in Southern California and due to the expansion and growth, we decided to take our product online. We want to separate ourselves as a “One Stop Legging Shop” that brings you nothing but quality and affordable leggings.

We were tired of buying overpriced leggings that would never last. Always falling apart, see through, or just flat out bad quality! It is the worst feeling to wonder in your clothing is going to hold up throughout the day! Well that set us out on a mission to find out one thing. Is it possible to find leggings that are good quality for a good price?

The best part of this is our leggings sell themselves! They are soft, durable and not see-through, you can now have piece of mind going to the Gym or just enjoying life in your leggings. Legging Army stocks the best quality leggings for the most affordable price. We don’t love our leggings because we sell them, we sell our leggings because we love them!

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