How do I market my business?

How do I market my business?


First you want to brand your business. If you have a logo made up (you can get one made cheap at fiverr for $5 or so), show your logo every where.

Have printed materials for your business…post cards, business cards, letter heads, even promotional materials are good.

You can leave printed material at libraries, grocery stores, doctors office, etc. Just leave your post card.

If you have the time to go to events go to a vendor event or craft show. You can share your printed materials with your customers.

Share your link on other sites. Sites like Nowa’s Connection offer small fee for you to share your button or link. Banner advertising is still effective.

Make good use of social media. Instragram you can show pictures of your wares you sell.  Facebook you can join groups for business opportunity, shopping, etc. Share what you do in the groups.  On facebook you want a fan page to engage with your customers. Perhaps offer them 10% off if they like your page. Twitter share what you have to offer. I have my twitter connected to my Facebook so I share on both the same time.  If you feel like a professional you can share what you offer on Linkedin.  There still some other social media you just have to look around. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. You want to share on social media but don’t live on social media. Make use of other marketing while engaging in social media.  Facebook often has events you can join for a small fee.

I recommend if you sell products add your best wares to Storenvy they charge 10% for the sale it gives you another place to advertise your wares.   You dont get charged unless you have a sale. Jewelry and clothing seems to go well there company was originally based in San Francisco.

Yahoo and Google plus still have groups if you want to offer what you have.

If you need a web page for the business I offer lead pages for generation leads… only $20 and up

The most important thing is DO NOT GIVE UP…SOMETIMES IT TAKE TIME AND ENDURANCE! You just keep branding your business wherever you go.  Share, share, share. The old fashion word of mouth is still good way to make sales.

Feel free to email me with your honest questions.  No spamming please.


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