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GlitzNGlam Paparazzi

Enjoy jewelry for only $5Molly’s Story…

I was looking for a home based, fun business to supplement my income. I had been watching lives and buying this gorgeous jewelry, and I said “I can do this!” so I jumped right …

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Dana’s Jewelry and Gifts

Welcome to Dana’s Jewelry and Gifts
Our passion gives us a unique understanding of your lifestyle and the importance of bringing you one-of-a-kind creations at a low cost—the kind of creations that your customers will want and enjoy.
Free membership to join …

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Inspired Gifts Boutique

Welcome to Inspired Gifts Boutique! Here you will find gifts you would love to give and receive. Lets get Inspired together! Happy Shopping!

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Paparazzi with Patty

Hello and thank you for visiting my Website! I’m so excited to share with you all the Exciting styles Paparazzi carries! Fun Fashion for $5! I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing company, and my amazing supportive …