Advertise with us.

Advertise with us.

Any membership you join you can participate in the card in the bag program.

Check out our Nowas connection is NINE year old site. We offer the old fashion way of advertising with button ads on our site. Button ads were real popular before social media. We add a little jazz to our advertising by sharing on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest. We still have a few Yahoo groups and Google groups.

We do work at home referrals too.

We keep our vendor prices for ads affordable. The ad payment helps with advertising, prizes, buying post cards,  etc.

Join our guide its one time fee no subscriptions stay as long as you like. As long as you stay with your business, you can remain on the ad.


Choose your membership plan:


Paid Membership Plans ….

Basic Membership is $5.00. You will be listed on the right side plus with your graphic or logo of your business. You get a full link page to share about your business if you like. The post goes on the sides and in categories.

Banner3  goes on the right side of all the pages. Very good exposure.

Order your main ad button here  5.00 one biz added 

Order two businesses for $7.00  two businesses added    

If you need more than two businesses added contact the person who referred you, we get you a discount quote.

Once you pay use the contact form to get your information added.


Plan 2. Featured Business

Have your business listed on the main page with a small graphic. Unlimited time as long as your business stays around.  Order here for $10 (only 3 available)

If you like to add a video to any page it be youtube video you can add it for $10.

In the notes area put your links to your business if you have anything to add.

Once you pay use the contact form to get your information added.


Plan 3.  Add your post card or business card to my shopping bag for $3 (This be available in the spring)

JOIN NOW BE IN THE JOB FAIR FOR FREE! (must join with $5 -$10 membership)


Once you pay use the contact form to get your information added.

Only need to use the form once for each business.

What  I do is go to craft shows and vendors shows. I share my cards at the show. If I have other vendor cards I put them in a pack. I ask the customer if they shop online. If the customer is an online shopper, I will give them a  pack of cards they can view.  Great way to get the word out about your business.  The service is $3 but free if you put your ad with Nowa’s Connection. ( Must be the $5 or $10 ad to get free service.)




Some of my vendor shows…. We will do shows in spring and summer.


Some of the shows I been to.  I sell reading glasses, toys for kids, and in the summer I sell garden decor.

I do not accept cards for Country Scent Candles or Starlite Gardens Club, because I sell those items .  I will accept other giftware and other candles.